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"Foot and Mouth: it's safe for tourists to Scotland"

Update January 2002: Foot and Mouth is officially over in the UK

Original article dated April 2001 reproduced below

 Swans nesting by the
 side of the promenade

There has been a loss for the tourism industry here already, with some cancellations, but there is no health danger to visitors, and never has been. The food you eat here is safe. The countryside is not wreathed in smoke, and is largely unaffected. Most tourist attractions are and will stay open as always, and this includes the golf courses and distilleries. Better information can be obtained from the websites given, but the bright side for you is that because of the scare there's a lot of good deals around. Maybe Right NOW is the best time ever to visit us. We expect you will want to come to Largs!

Reproduced from the website of British Tourist Authority, BTA is offering the following advice to visitors:
  • Foot and Mouth disease is not a risk to human health and any precautions that are taken are there to protect animal welfare and minimise the chances of spreading the disease.
  • There is no reason to cancel or postpone your trip as visits to the countryside are not banned. You can freely drive along tarmac roads and visit country towns, villages, hotels, pubs and the many stately homes and museums which are open.
  • There is still plenty to see and do in Britain, however, the Government has issued the following advice to people planning to visit the countryside:
    • Obey all 'Keep Out' and 'Road Closed' signs. Do not go on closed footpaths or bridleways.
    • Do not go near cows, pigs, sheep, goats, or deer. Do not handle or feed them or leave waste food around.
    • Don't go on farmland, or open country, or walk dogs even on a lead, unless you are sure that the land isn't used by cows, pigs, sheep, goats, or deer.

Their new website features specific listings of events and places to visit, giving information about whether they are currently affected. Please note briefly that most centres such as Glencoe, Culloden, Torridon and most forestry trails are open.

For official information about Foot and Mouth disease visit the
Scottish Government website

Here's the countryside Comeback Code with some disease info.

Scottish Tourist Board

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