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 Train from Glasgow

By Train: Largs has an electrified train service running hourly to Glasgow. It now has comfortable new 90 mph trains. It's about an hour to Glasgow Central, where a few platforms along there are regular trains for London and the West Country of England run by Virgin (ed: I like their trains, very relaxing, and you can book in advance for cheap deals, also online). 8 minutes brisk walk out the front of Central Station, diagonally right and across the heart of Glasgow is Queen Street Station, which has trains to Edinburgh every quarter hour, and to Oban, Fort William, Stirling and Perth, Inverness and so on. The GNER East Coast route arrives at Edinburgh Waverley Station, though some trains carry on through to Glasgow Central.

 Ferry to Cumbrae

By Sea: Caledonian MacBrayne run the reliable Cumbrae Ferry all year round for locals and visitors to Millport. In 2001 there were 35 cruise liners calling at Greenock from all over the world, and some of these passed between Largs and Cumbrae, with passengers coming down the coast to visit our attractions.

 The PS Waverley

Then there's the high speed Clyde link to Glasgow planned by Largs entrepreneurs we hope will call in. Cruises are hugely popular from Largs Pier on the PS Waverley - last ocean-going paddle steamer (Waverley Excursions at Anderston Quay, Glasgow, phone 0141-243-2224). And Largs has simply *the* best marina in the World, with visitors berths and excellent charter services. See sailing for some links (the page will improve). There are also free moorings in the North and South Bays for visiting yachts, as there are in Millport and all around Scotland. Visit the moorings website for some photos.

By Air: Glasgow Airport (GLA) to the north-east is 25 miles by road (35 minutes), or just over the hour by direct train from Largs to Paisley and an express bus ling from there. Taxis would cost maybe £40 (UK pounds - GBP) at the airport - £30 for a Largs taxi. Car parking would set you back £6.50 (more now in 2005) per day but there are long-term car parks there, and car hire at the airport. Prestwick Airport (PIK) to the south is 25 miles by road (35 minutes), and there is a covered walkway to the station with a train to Kilwinning; change there for Largs. Journey time is around an hour if you're lucky, one and a half if not. Car parking is very cheap there from £10 per week. Taxis would cost £40 - or £30 for a Largs mini-cab. A 12-seater mini-bus from John at Pinelea (01475-675845) would cost £50, and he also has an 18-seater.

Totally Herby
made in Largs

General Aviation: Both Airports are hospitable and have an apron for General Aviation. No prior permission is required it seems, and they're 24-hours. Both Airports have flying and training clubs, with one and two-engined planes for hire. Prestwick is cheaper and superior, especially for circuits and bumps, but the editor is biased. The long runway at PIK - 31/13 (2,987 metres, over 3,000 yards) is subject to crosswinds, as is 21/03 (1800 metres), but Prestwick receives diverted flights because it never suffers from fog. It had the Concorde landing there in the early days, as it was a possible secondary for London and is on the great circle route to the USA. These days (2005) it is a lot busier since Ryanair have a lot of flights going off. Glasgow has less cross-winds but is busier, with the majority of the charter traffic. Runways are 06/24 (2566 m), and 10/28 (1088m). If this info is useful at all to you, please email me to let me know, but check it before use as it's years since I got a mortgage, family and debts, with no money to go flying! Oh - some of the Scottish Isles you can land on beach strips, IIRC, as well as those having more regular airports. Could make a fantastic alternative way of island-hopping than by just cruising the best sailing waters in Europe. Travel light here as you'll return laden with the tastiest, the lightest or the peatiest single malt whiskies you just can't get at home. Radio frequencies used to be Glasgow at approach:119.1, tower:118.8 and Prestwick approach: 120.55 and tower 118.15, but this is old information and needs to be checked.

 Bus service 1

By Bus: There are a lot of bus companies including Arriva, Stagecoach and McGill's run services to and from Largs all over the place, even including Braehead, and too many to keep track of on these pages. We'll try later to give you more info but. Meanwhile if you don't know what a bus looks like, look here!

By Road: Yes, we've got a few of these. Most visitors to Largs probably come over the Haylie Brae road which gives you the most beautiful view over the Firth of Clyde and Arran, just as you descend into Largs. From Glasgow, you take the M8 west in the direction of Greenock, and just past Glasgow Airport you take the A737 turnoff to Irvine, drive past but not through Johnstone, and in the middle of nowhere you turn right onto the A760 through Lochwinnoch and Kilbirnie. Hopefully you'll have seen the signposts for Largs. Driving from Prestwick you go North on the A78 and follow the signs to Greenock and Largs; you'll pass turnoffs to Troon and Irvine on the way, go straight on at the Kilwinning roundabout over the excellent new and ahead of schedule bypass (or you can go left through Stevenston, Saltcoats and Ardrossan), along the coast through Seamill and Fairlie, by Kelburn Country Centre, Largs Marina and Largs golf course. Driving from Greenock, you go South on the A78 towards, well, Largs, and along the coast past Inverkip which has one of the oldest marinas in Scotland, through Wemyss Bay which has a restored Victorian station and on to Largs past (though you don't see it) the Routenburn golf course which spawned Sam Torrance, the Ryder Cup skipper (try it and you'll see just why he got the yips?). There's also a quiet and often single track back road past Loch Thom winding through the Brisbane Glen, from where Thomas MakDougall Brisbane mapped out a universe of stars and the maritime carriage clock, but it's better navigated from Largs once you're here. It's worth pointing out that Largs has a 24-hour petrol station, which has been open 24 hours for as long as I can remember. Happy arrivals!

Taxi ! : If phoning from outside the UK, please dial +44-1475-xxxxxx.
  • Brisbane Taxis - Phone 01475-689990, Fax 01475-686901, email
    Taxi + 3 Private Hire cars and a new Ford Galaxy 6 seater. All airport transfers & distance hires.All local and contract hires undertaken.
    Where all our customers are V I P's
  • Ian's Taxis 01475-687171
  • Derek's Taxis 01475-674128 and 01475-689797
  • Pinelea 01475-675845 -12-seater and 18-seater mini-buses
  • There are other taxi services - and more details will be added ASAP
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