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All graphics, photographs, page and feature designs, HTML code, Scripts, CGI, programs, copyrights, trademarks, IPR (Intellectual Property Rights), design, watermarks and anything and everything else you can possibly think of are owned by us, unless previously owned by such as IBM, DOS or Windows owned by Microsoft etc. No unauthorised usage is allowed: These items represent valuable financial assets and action WILL be taken against theft or misuse. No liability is accepted for any improper or incorrect usage. All graphics and pictures are protected by ©Agent DotCom, our proprietary fingerprinting software, which inalienably establishes proper legal ownership in less than 5 seconds.

The small print - we accept no responsibility whatsoever for any errors or omissions on this web-site, nor for anything that may appear in articles on this site, postings on webboards, "talk" in chat rooms, or for any losses, financial or otherwise, suffered as a result of using this site, whether used in accordance with instruction or not. Any liability will in any case be restricted to the price we charge the visitor for usage which is nil, zero, nothing at all, free, gratis, zilch. Suitability of any font, design, article or advice for any purpose should be decided by you, and we accept no responsibilty for unsuitability of other people's material or goods for any purpose, or for any errors or omissions in web-site, display, advertising or other material, whether by ourselves or other contributors. Be aware also that we will at a later stage, provide password protected open channels to our web-site, and we take no responsibility for these, excepting that we shall earnestly endeavour to make them as secure as is within our competence.

From our site you can link to others but we accept no responsibility for the content or policy of any other site. We do keep our content suitable for children, so please inform us of anything objectionable you reach via links on our site and we will remove them. Be aware also that even US military sites have been hacked, and that therefore if something - strange - happens here, it might not be us at all.

Anything to do with this web-site is governed by Scots Law under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish Courts. All goods or services we may sell from or in connection with this site are under their own conditions, but subject to the Scottish or UK Legislation, such as Sale of Goods Act 1984. Advertising is now available, and is at your own risk, whatever that means.

To comply with forthcoming UK DTI regulations, poorly thought out in our opinion based on years of internet presence and trading, we provide you here with, in their words, an "electronic mail address, which make it possible to contact [the business] rapidly and communicate with [the business] in a direct and effective manner". Our current direct email address is user "DTIspam.qp01" with the at symbol (@) and followed by our domain name (website name) without the www and the dot. For instance user "dti.enquiries" at the website would be, replacing their details with ours! This will change without notice, though with 28 days further validity, as addresses supplied in such a way attract large quantities of spam (UCE). A far more effective way of communicating with us is via our contact forms which are tailored to where you access from in our website, allow us to direct your enquiry directly where it can be handled, acknowldege your reply with a valid email address, and thereby validate your email address. We reckon our web techies are somewhat more experienced than the DTI's, but then we would.

You are encouraged to visit our privacy and data protection page. If there's anything else we should be sticking down here like everyone else does, consider it done.

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