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Largs Skaters - Emails

Dec 12 2002: For whats it's worth ...... Im now 30 and still skate ,,, many many many years ago we tried to get a skate park built in Largs .... eventually the council did do something ( makeshift little bowl up the surrey glen up the back of the town ).All you little sk8rz are certianly putting together a much more ( adult !!! ) and professional case for a decent skate park .... keep it up ... no doubt see you all sk8ing along the prom ... thats about all we have

Nov 16 2002: I don't live in Largs and don't really have any connection with the town at all really but i have drove through largs on various occasions and have noticed that theres nothing there except about a million amusements and a few hundred chippies. if you want the youths to stay out of trouble give them something legal to do. Give them the damn skate park!

Aug 1 2002: give then the park i lived in largs and theres jack to skate on and i live in us now and thers everything to skate and im sponserd now i would never of been sponcerd in largs cosue theres NOTHING to skate on so give them the goddamn park sponcer>

Jul 5 2002: I can't beleive that another place is having the same problem that we had in Banchory, near Aberdeen. Over the 90's the skateboarding scene really took off in Banchory with approximately 50 serious skaters and about 100 more who just wanted to be part of the gang. However, even though we tried to keep ourselves to ourselves people would continually complain about the vandalism we caused. Em, to my mind there was none and this was all stirred up by over zealous people who just had a personal dislike for the skateboarders. Therefore, after being pushed around the town being told we could stand on our skateboards and then comedically we were told we could not ewven carry our boards through certain parts of Banchory! To cut a long story short though it was not until 5 years after we had lobbied for for an area on which we could skate that we actually recieved one. Now this was great, but what do you think happened to the skaters who actually asked in the first place. They got wasted! It's true most you would have found so bored by not being able to skate that they turned to drink and worse. So my advice is that you at least get an area on which you can skate because we could have done with it. Anyway I hope this brings another aspect to the refusal of a skatepark in Largs.

Jun 22 2002: I may be a dam Yankee, however I visit the fine city of Largs every year in August from the USA to visit my in-laws. I see that there is virtually nothing for most teenagers to do around town and would like to help. I would like to donate 50mb of webspace for the cause as well as real domain name of your choice. I am not sure if this will help but it sure cant hurt. PS I am 37 year old skateboarder, who would love to have a a reason to bring a board on my next vacation. Please contact me, Scott Nettie if your reading this drop me a line at and I will setup webmaster account and so fourth...

May 5 2002: this is the guy in cyprus again. i just wanna say that when the skatepark is made i hope it dont mean that oldies expect us to only skate in the park-the reason they want it built should be for our benefit not to get rid of us. i'm a street skater, not vert.

Apr 11 2002: There is nothing to do in largs for teenagers.when you skate down the prom you just get told to go away,and when you find a good bench to grind either the police come and move you or someone who works near tells you to go away.we have been wanting a skate park for two years,if we dont get one then all the skaters are moving to america,its been arranged.WE WANT A GOD DAMN SKATE PARK.

Apr 2 2002: hey, im mpving to largs from london in monday the 8th april, and i board, i might take up skating, after reading the skatepark thingy i will fully support you, im no good at boarding really, but theres only one way to learn. and in a skatepark is one of the best places to..... im going to largs academy school and i will be starting on tuesday the 9th......... p.s- arent there any surfers ?????

Mar 1 2002: letum have the park

Feb 23 2002
Recently we have found a big problem with the largs skaters. You see, they need a skate park to do their magical flips and tricks. Kind of obvious, we know. But where you ask? Well, Mackerston. The council, I suppose, dont mind. But all you old foggies with your hats and umbrellas dont want to see the sight of the young folk. Thats why the teenagers break windows, destroy public property and vandalise walls. They are extremely fed up and bored out of their tiny little minds. The problem lies with the people of largs. Give the skaters something to do, for example build a skate park. You choose, let them have something they can do that gives them fun and enjoyment or wake up tomorrow to find your new car smashed in. Help the boys and girls of largs to cut down on crime and let them enjoy themselves. So you see, if your sitting reading this with disgust, you must be a boring old fart! Give yourself the pleasure of knowing you helped the town of largs by giving the largs skaters a lovely skate park. Now get off your back sides and get down to the councils office with a speech about why the largs skaters should get what they want for a change. If you dont you will know you were responsible for the break-down of largs!!!

Feb 22 2002
I'm a hardcore skater and I used to live in Largs-now I live in Cyprus. I'd just like to ask what things will be in the new skatepark?

Feb 19 2002
I'am a buding skater myself and was shocked by what i read in the wee paper the other week. I turned to the second page and there is a big pic of Mackerston. I had the false hope that maybe we were getting a skate park and false it was. Instead i read that an other play park is to be put up. If this keeps up Largs is going to be over run with them. I mean they already are a Aubery, Scot park and Anderson. I think that the council are just stalling and not thinking about what the young people of the town realy want. In the summer the prom is crowded and there is little place to cycle and skate even with the petty cycle track. Which by the way does more harm than good as people seem to be drawn to walk on. Any way i think that it is high time that the teenagers of largs should get a place to go that keeps them healthy and fit without having to pay a fortune. WE WANT A SKATE PARK!

Nov 6 2001
make the dam skatepark

Oct 13 2001
People of largs complain about youngsters hanging about in large groups doing nothing in particular but they never seem to want to help them keep out of trouble they would be complaining if they were vandalising property and taking drugs so why not build something which will keep teenagers out of bother and give them something to do. I watch the skateboards along the front when i am out with my son and we both find them very entertaining i would just like to say i think the coucil should build them a skate park instead of spending money on things like the flowers they have everywhere in the town. yes i know largs is in the scotland in bloom competition but come on now what is more important the teenagers in largs staying out of trouble or having so many flowers everywhere.???? As a suggestion would the scott's swing park not be a good site to build a skate park???

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