As convenor of North Ayrshire Council it gives me great pleasure to have the opportunity of saying a few words in this publication by the Largs Initiative Group. I have watched the Largs Initiative Group grow since the Council held its first meetings to attempt to generate interest on town centre management. I was particularly pleased that Largs was one of the towns which first rose to the challenge of trying to manage the town centre differently. Councils and Government agencies can take some steps to improve the quality of town centres, my council has been active in all town centres of North Ayrshire in trying to assist that quality improvement. Fundamentally however the trading conditions in town centres will only thrive by the efforts of the traders themselves. In Largs, we are fortunate to have a group of individuals who wish to see improvements, not only in their own trading conditions, but for all businesses in Largs. Largs is fortunate in having 2 distinct business development opportunities. On the one hand it has the local trade which it must in the face of all the challenges develop and keep, on the other hand it has a wonderful tourism package to offer. It is in the field of tourism that the Council is making strenuous efforts to promote Largs and the rest of North Ayrshire. For example, the Council's contribution to securing the mod in 2002 has meant a considerable financial input to that event and at Largs Sailing Initiative the Council's pivotal role in securing funding for a Sailing Development Project aimed at bringing world class events to Largs and the Clyde estuary will, I am sure, be a major component of tourism in the future.

Against this background of progress, it is important that no one becomes complacent. I can assure my Council will not become complacent in relation to its responsibilities to Largs and I have every confidence that the continuing growth of development of Largs Initiative Group means that the business community in Largs shares my view that the only way of avoiding complacency is to move forward.

The Largs Initiative Group has the support of North Ayrshire Council and I wish it well for the future.


Largs Initiative was formed 12 months ago when a group of local people decided that it was time to work together to improve the town and its environment. Although still a place of beauty, the town has lost some of its shine since the days when people spent their summer holidays here and the group felt that they should work together to re-establish Largs as the "Jewel in the Crown" of the West Coast.

Since then, The Largs Initiative has operated as a steering group, establishing the routes down which to travel and developing plans for the future. We have had good times and bad, but we have stuck steadfastedly to the task of developing an initiative that can make a real difference.

We are now ready to unveil our plans and get down to real work. We intend to co-operate actively with other local and national bodies to raise awareness and funds for this important work, and indeed North Ayrshire Council and Enterprise Ayrshire have already contributed time, money and encouragement to the cause. We also seek the support of the public and the business community, both locally and nationally, to support our efforts, through their own efforts and through donations, to help us help the town become great again.

Only through a spirit of co-operation and a positive approach can we hope to achieve our ambitious aims and provide the benefits for which we strive to the community and to business. If you, the reader, can help in any way, we ask you to consider the plan and place your efforts with ours to achieve our objectives.


 North Promenade
     Cumbrae Ferry Sailing

Aims and Aspirations

The Largs Initiative is a partnership of local people and interests who have joined together with the common purpose of making Largs a world class place in which to live, work, visit and do business. It aims to promote:-

  • Largs and its attractions to a local, national and global marketplace

  • A vibrant, unified and economically stable town centre

  • Liason, co-operation and partnerships between local interests to achieve its aims

  • Improvements in the environment and in places large and small

  • Civic pride through the people for our visitor

  • "Ownership" of Largs and its future amongst the town's young people

  • Oportunities to participate in a range of diverse activities, large and small

  • Local businesses as part of the visitor attraction

  • Largs as a stable, safe, yet progressive place to live, work, visit and do business

  • Development and valuing of business opportunities, people, places and local wealth


The plan seeks to identify a number of local champions. These will be local people with the commitment and passion to make something happen in the local area.

Champions will be
  • Anyone who believes in making Largs an even better place

  • Anyone who wants to make something happen in the local community

  • Anyone who feels that they have something to offer

  • Anyone who can achieve a result, in an area in which they are interested, in the local community

  • Anyone who believes in Largs, its people and the standards expected by the local community

Champions will be sought to achieve the various aims within the plan. Champions might be you - if you feel that you can achieve something - something that your town can be proud of - then


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