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The Final Frontier and the Largs Hum

Several people in Largs have heard what has become known as the Largs Hum over the years. This is heard only in parts of the town, often at night when it's quiet. Various causes have been put forward, from the generators or steam pipes at Hunterston Power Station, to ships unloading at Clydeport. It may be carried by the electricity supply and the grid, possibly with military signals! A recent theory is that it's caused by ELF - Extremely Low Frequency for submarine communication, or ULF/EM (Ultra Low Frequency/ElectroMagnetic). It may be linked to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME). Scottish Executive investigations angered MSP Kay Ullrich with their insincerity, and there is an article on Allan Wilson MSP's website. The issue has been well reported by Drew Cochrane in the Largs wee paper, and Kirsty Wark also featured it on her BBC show in February 2001. Speculation and investigation continue, as does the hummmmmmm.

In an attempt to solve the engima  by Joining SETI@home Largs Hum went ET at SETI !

SETI@home uses over 3 million (and growing) home computers to search for extraterrestrial life. You can join in. From their website you download a small program (775Kb) which can act as a screensaver. After you run the self-extracting download, you connect to the internet and then through the SETI@home program, connect to their server (it's all easier than it sounds). You will then receive your first work-unit of SETI data (about 340Kb) collected by the radio telescope at Arecibo in Puerto Rica. The program processes this data when you're not busy on your machine. When a unit is completely analysed the program will upload the results next time you connect to the internet - and download the next unit. One work unit could take anywhere from 10 to 50 hours or more of your computer time, depending on the speed of your computer, and how much you use it during that time. So far - about a year - over 320 million units have been analysed by nearly 3 million people. When you've received your first unit, please join our team called - the "Largs Hum"! Good Luck - maybe YOU will find ET ...

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